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Core Outcomes and Measures in Paediatric Anxiety Clinical Trials

Right now, different researchers measure different outcomes in paediatric anxiety clinical trials. We want to change that.


About Us

Anxiety disorders are common in children and youth. However, based on the available evidence, no treatment can be recommended as “optimal.” This is mainly because there is so much variability in what outcomes are measured across studies that evaluate these treatments. If we tried to pool data across studies, it would be difficult to actually compare any findings if every researcher is measuring something different. That’s where a core outcome set (COS) comes in.

The COMPACT Initiative is developing an evidence- and consensus-based COS for paediatric anxiety disorder trials with active engagement of youth, family members, and other stakeholders.

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Discover information about how the COMPACT Initiative is working toward its goal.

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Youth & Caregivers

Looking to get involved as a youth or caregiver? Find out more about your role.


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If you have any general questions about the research study, feel free to use the contact form here. If you're interested in participating in the COMPACT Initiative, please contact

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